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$67,000,000.00$67 million record jury verdict for a client who suffered burn injuries in a grain bin explosion.

$18,000,000.00$18 million medical malpractice settlement for a family whose child was injured during labor and delivery.

$18,605,733.00$18,605,733.00 in Cook County for a Chicago construction worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling from defective construction equipment.

$21,000,000.00$21 million verdict for an ironworker whose arm was severed by a 550 lb. steel beam falling from a crane on a construction site.

$2,270,000.00$2.27 million dollar jury verdict against the City of Chicago for an injured U.S. Postal worker who sustained knee injuries after falling in a hole in a city crosswalk.

$6,000,000.00$6 million settlement for a union concrete laborer that fell 22’ when a deck under construction collapsed due to a lack of shoring.

$1,375,000.00$1.375 million record settlement for a 96 year old man that slipped and fell on a recently mopped floor and broke his hip ultimately causing his death.

$2,700,000.00$2.7 million record jury verdict in a medical malpractice case for a baby who suffered a finger injury following a C-section delivery.

$3,125,000.00$3,125,000.00 in DuPage County for an ankle injury following a vehicle roll over collision.

$2,250,000.00$2.25 million settlement for a bicyclist who sustained injuries to his knee after being hit by a car.

Chicago's Winning Personal Injury Lawyers

The Chicago Law firm of Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC, was proudly founded by four very successful and established lawyers. That statement is not rhetoric, but a fact earned by years of diligently working in the field of personal injury law representing victims of negligence. Together we bring over 75 years of experience in handling medical and nursing home negligence, trucking, bicycle and motor vehicle negligence, product liability, premises liability, explosion and work place injury cases. The Partners of Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC, have collectively achieved over $300 Million in settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of our clients. Together we have been involved in the trial of more than 100 cases before juries and in courts of law throughout the State of Illinois and several other States in this Country. We determined that by pooling our efforts and our collective experience we could better serve the clients that we represent.

Our purpose is to represent our clients and their families in order to achieve the greatest possible remedy for the personal injuries, losses and damages suffered by those who have been harmed or killed due to neglect. Our unified goal is to provide the highest level of professional service to individuals and families who have been injured as consumers, patients, workers and victims of negligence. We shall prove in a Court of Law by evidence under the system of civil justice that our clients are entitled to compensation. We are proud of the fact that we have individually and collectively achieved record settlements and jury verdicts for our clients. Contact us today.

Our Attorneys

People seek my help because they have been hurt as a result of someone failing to live up to their responsibilities. It is my job to help put the pieces together. I love what I do and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than successfully prosecuting a case on behalf of my clients.
Marc A. Taxman - Partner

Success in litigation is a product of unyielding advocacy, commitment and tireless preparation, built upon the foundation of strong client relationships.
Bradley N. Pollock - Partner

I represent individuals and families who have sustained significant losses and are enduring some of the most difficult times of their lives. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and I work relentlessly on behalf of my clients to achieve justice and make them whole again.
Sean P. Murray - Partner

Every day I wake up and go to work I feel lucky and honored to represent individuals and families who are vulnerable and need legal help. I am proud to represent people, not corporations and insurance companies. I take that pride and put it into my work for my clients.
Gerald J. Bekkerman - Partner

Firm History

Our four founding partners, Marc A. Taxman, Brad N. Pollock, Sean P. Murray and Gerald J. Bekkerman, have a unique relationship. Not only are we friends with a tremendous amount of respect for what each individual brings to the table, we have all worked, trained and collaborated together throughout our professional careers. The formation of Taxman, Pollock, Murray & Bekkerman, LLC, is a synergy of professionalism and talents that we believe is the best possible team and infrastructure to most effectively represent our clients. It marks a return to where we began.

Over the last 29 years Marc A. Taxman has built a reputation in the legal community for handling significant cases as a partner of a prominent personal injury firm. Partners Brad N. Pollock and Sean P. Murray worked together in the beginning of their careers at a prominent personal injury firm. Brad N. Pollock then went on to work at a personal injury firm located in the western suburbs emerging as a leader handling significant cases all over the State and Country. The DuPage County Bar Association recently named him “Attorney of the Year”. Sean P. Murray then joined Marc A. Taxman and they have worked together over the last 15 years.

Sean P. Murray has developed a reputation as a respected and aggressive litigator and has achieved many record setting verdicts and settlements. Partner Gerald J. Bekkerman trained with Marc A. Taxman and Sean P. Murray as a law student and then Gerald J. Bekkerman went on to establish and grow his own very successful personal injury practice with six trial attorneys. Gerald J. Bekkerman is a respected member of the legal community who has excelled in making and maintaining relationships while at the same time zealously representing his clients in many multi-million dollar cases. The results truly speak for themselves. Contact us today.